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“Dining In” with a Newborn

Going home with a newborn in your arms means the beginning of a whole new life for you and your family. Managing the differences between expectations and reality—especially in terms of feeding your baby—can go a long way toward making it not just a smooth transition, but also a time of joy. You get home from the maternity ward with a new baby in

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Attention ParentsCoronavirus Update

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, we here at Metropolitan Pediatrics, have implemented the following precautionary measures to screen for possible high-risk patients. If you have traveled to China, Italy, Iran, Japan or South Korea (or any areas with confirmed ongoing community transmission) in the past 14 days or have come in close contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19 and have a fever and respiratory symptoms, please CALL the Arlington County Health Department at 703-228-5200 or the Virginia Department of Health at 1-877-275-8343.


We ask that you follow our instructions to prevent the spread of COVID19 and keep our community safe. Thank you for your understanding.

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Now Offering TelemedicineWe are now offering telemedicine services for sick AND well-child visits. Please call our office at 703-522-4780 for more details.