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Using the Potty on Their Own

Young children are generally eager to learn and grow, and will move naturally toward new stages of development with the support of the adults in their environment. Parents can best help children between the ages of three and five by providing the memory cues necessary to learn a new skill, while still allowing for the strong urge to “do it myself.” Your four-year-old may

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To Bathe or Not to Bathe

Contrary to popular belief, babies do not need to be bathed every day—especially as newborns. As we enter parenthood, we should all consider ourselves fortunate that we are given a few months in which to become comfortable with our baby-bathing duties before our children effectively figure out how to make themselves truly messy. It’s really not until babies start crawling around in dirt, sandboxes,

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“Dining In” with a Newborn

Going home with a newborn in your arms means the beginning of a whole new life for you and your family. Managing the differences between expectations and reality—especially in terms of feeding your baby—can go a long way toward making it not just a smooth transition, but also a time of joy. You get home from the maternity ward with a new baby in

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