With the outbreak of Coronavirus, we here at Metropolitan Pediatrics, have implemented precautionary measures to screen for possible high-risk patients. We have opened additional office space on the 3rd floor of our building to accommodate sick visits. We are now offering rapid Covid-19 test which gives results in 15 minutes. For those not comfortable in coming into the office, we will continue to provide telemedicine services.


We ask that you follow our instructions to prevent the spread of COVID19 and keep our community safe. Thank you for your understanding.

Appointment Preparation

If you have made a sick visit appointment, you will receive a “What to Expect” email from us shortly. If you have made a well-child appointment, we would like to limit the amount of contact with essential personnel. If you are able to, we would appreciate it if you could log in to the patient portal and fill out the developmental screening form(s) under Fill Milestones to avoid contact with our tablets. However, we are diligently disinfecting these tablets in case you need to use them. If you have any trouble locating the forms, please let us know. You will also be able to pay for the co-pay on the patient portal beforehand and/or any existing balances prior to the appointment to avoid inessential contact. 

As one of our precautionary measures, we will send you a COVID screening form via email beforehand as well. You may fill out the form via Microsoft Word and email it back to us or print it out to bring it to the appointment. 

For all patients, please remember, we are limiting the number of persons in the office so we are asking parents and guardians to refrain from bringing other family members or siblings. We please ask if you could only bring one parent/guardian and the patient(s) being seen to the office. If other family members and/or siblings must come to the appointment, they may wait in the car or in the hall. We are also asking if patients can wear a medical mask or cloth mask to the appointment as well. We are also asking if patients over 2 years of age can wear a medical mask or cloth mask to the appointment as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We greatly appreciate your cooperation during these unusual times.

Informational Articles:

For more information regarding Coronavirus follow the links below:

CDC – Emergency

Arlington County Department of Health

Virginia Department of Health

Schedule Medicine (703) 522 4780


We are now offering telemedicine services for sick AND well-child visits. Please call our office at (703) 522 4780 for more details.